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Monastery? Library? Temple?
For almost a year the exhibition ‘EMBRACE’ -a piëta made of sheep wool – was shown in an old barn at the island Texel. The expo started in may during an ART festival, called Klifhanger’ but due to peoples demands it was extended again and again until the end of April 2019!

A lot of visitors stayed for an hour or more or came back lots of time to enjoy the Quiet and Tenderness.

Hi. Nice to meet you.
Thanks for being interested in my ART work.

For over more than 25 years I create ART with movement&words but most off all with the one material I do love so much: sheep wool. I fell in love with sheep wool ever since I was a teenager [long ago] but since my ’emigration’ from the big city life to the island Texel I really got inspired by her. How could I not: living amongst so many sheep.

Up till now I have created 5 installations, all made of sheep wool and birch branches.
It all started in 2013 with:

Chapel of sheep wool  | 2013

GROOS – ‘tribute to the ancestors’ | 2015

Chapel of Sheep Wool | 2015

Tree of Life | 2016

Books of Sheep wool | 2017

This year, my 6th installation is ‘build’ again in an old sheep barn. EMBRACE is made of almost 30 kg. of knitted sheep wool, hanging on birch branches. It’s part of a cultural festival called ‘Klifhanger’.
This installation is by far a study for my main goal: to create a ‘cathedral of sheep wool’. 
I really don’t know yet if I’m gonna make it to spin&knit this cathedral, but I will definitely give it a go. Without any meaning of putting my name in the Guinness book of records. No way. It’s not about that at all.

It’s about my commitment to study the meaning of virtues, like respect, tenderness & stillness, for I am so sad about the state of the earth and we human beings are in at this very moment. We are so damn fucking loud!! [Sorry] My quest is about what happens with these treasures inside of us, like openness & curiosity when we really start to believe that life is all about being rich & famous but most of all: being happy 24/7. What do we do with sadness in the meantime? Or grief? Or loneliness? Shall we just pretend that they do not exist anymore deep down inside us? Shall we just eliminate them? Throw them in the trash??

Food for Soul
To me these emotional states of mind are simply food for our soul, if only we could flip them over so they can nurture us. If only we still take some time to look at sadness and realise there’s tenderness inside it! There’s compassion in it! So…I’m trying to built an installation in which we can remind ourselves what [the power of] love looks like.

These last 5 years I studied the elements of a monastery, a library and a temple [like a wonderful trip to Isle of Man to study the ruins]. 
I guess my ‘cathedral’ is gonna be a combination of the quiet and wisdom of a library, the contemplation & dedication of a monks’ life and the grandeur of a cathedral. All without any idea of religion. Without any idea of hierarchy rather the wool showing her softness and the wind and light playing with her.

Gotta find me some land!
If only someone could offer me a piece of land to start building this ‘ruined cathedral’. 
For a ruin it will be for we are really about to ruin the earth [my modest opinion]. Working titel: ‘Once upon a time’ [we knew all about the ART of Stillness & Tenderness.]

So… a piece of land. Someone?

For now: you can visit the installation ‘Embrace’ till july 15th. 2018 at the island Texel. [‘fingers crossed, I do hope a bit longer, I do hope ‘Embrace’ will be there still in july. We see…we wait and see…patience.]


Hope to see you @Embrace.