Magritte said it: “Cesi n’est pas une pipe”
voila, that’s it: ma chapelle n’est pas une chapelle

careful: she might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing


Of course ‘ma chapelle’ is all about religion
if you explain the word ‘religion’ with the meaning ‘to connect’.
But to what? To whom?

In this case very simple: to an empty space,
surrounded by sheep wool

I think it’s quite brave
to step into a knitted chapel inda midst of a busy office
to ‘freeze’ your important time for just a short ’empty’ moment.

take some time off.
make a funny move in all this speediness of yours
in order to follow your dream.

Come on, step inside her.
All she maybe asks of you is ‘stop thinking & start breathing’.
All she asks is to connect with her, for just a short time

[listen how she whispers
…careful, she tries to seduce ya…]

“b e   w i t h   m e”

This is my idea of religion:
to connect with ‘The Other’

we have no idea what will happen next
I like that Open Space

What ever happens over there is happening in your own mind
she is nothing but knitted sheep wool in the shape of a chapel
you are confronted with the content of your heart, mind & soul
don’t blame her if you don’t like what you see in there

in the end
this soft&gentle looking chapel is not so friendly after all

she is a fierce lady
confronting you
with the quality of your own state of being

in that way she’s quite a bitch
maybe that’s why talking about her
is much more easier and safe
than going in her


so of you go now
step into the loving arms of sheep wool