She’s hanging totally fine down there at the central hall of the Endemol Shine Group in Amsterdam, my knitted chapel of sheep wool. She will be there till dec.18th. I do hope lot’s of people will pay her a visit and maybe even find a little bit of Peace & Quiet in her. One more wish, a personal one: That she will be offered some more places to ‘expose herself’. For I would really love it when she travels all around the world to tell a little story about the Art of Conversation.

It’s not at all about religion!
In the end, to me,  The Knitted Chapel is not at all about religion, it’s about Communication. To be more specific: the way we communicate with our ‘self’.

Once we sit down, in a certain space, like, in this case, a chapel, and we do shut our mouth, we are still loud, aren’t we? I mean, I don’t know about you, but my head isn’t quiet at all. But being quiet for a while means to me that I can try to listen to my [inner] thoughts. I guess, meeting [the quality of] these [inner] thoughts is quite a moment. Do I wanna hear them? Do I reject them? Dislike them? What’s the quality anyway? Do I have friendly thoughts? Inspiring ones? Maybe it’s crowded up there with complaining thoughts? Sad ones? Or maybe even a lot of agressive thinking up there??

It’s not about religion
Question: If my [inner] thoughts are all messed up, how can I listen to your story? If my mind is filled with negative thoughts, how can I encourage you? If I do not like myself, how can I like this person next to me?
To me, the Chapel of Sheep Wool is not at all about religion in a sense that she has answers about how to behave and what to think.  She’s an invitation to sit down and be quiet for a while and maybe, if you feel safe enough, to meet the quality of your [inner] conversation. Sometimes it feels a bit awkward, this confrontation with our mind,  but -come on- we are heroes! We can handle ‘the truth’ about our ‘selves’, can’t we? And since the confrontation can be a harsh one, the Chapel of Sheep Wool is the best place ever to have such a confrontation. She will embrace and even more important: all that time you are inside her she is totally non-judge mental!

House of Hendrikje: a cathedral
I remember going to church on sundays sitting in a grey, cold building. Hearing Demanding Words, echoing, suggesting I was a sinner before I had even done something ‘wrong’.

And now, I have this ‘dream’: I wanna make a new ‘church’. One without religion. I want to create a House where it is ‘normal’ to be quiet without this strange effect of [spiritual] holiness. I would like to built a surrounding where it is safe to ask questions and no one has The Answer. What a lovely place to be: A lot of Questions and Not A Single Right Answer! Luv it! [maybe living in a free world means you have the right to ask questions, the right to questioning the quality of [your] life?]

In the mean time, when I am spinning and knitting on my Cathedral of Sheep Wool, the Little Chapel can travel around. So if you have a wonderful place for her to stay, contact me. After all: She will tickle your mind.