Chapel of Sheep Wool 3.0 -part of a great journey-

But that’s not how it began…
There was no plan in 2012, no idea, no journey.
It all began with feeling terribly lost & lonely
and than an old voice whispered in my ears

‘come to me’

I knew immeadiately who she was
But I couldn’t believe it was her

I remember how comfortable she made me feel
when I was 15, 16 years old.
I loved everything about her:
her smell
her texture
and especially her Tenderness.

She touched my heart while spinning & knitting
but ever since I had forgotten about her qualities
for boys and study became far more important than Sheep Wool!

Till that day came
in the end of summer 2012
more than 30 years later

I was in total despair
and had no idea how to pull myself together

it was at that very moment
I heard her warm voice saying very gentle & very quietly

‘come to me’

and I did.

It was easy to get access to her
since I live on this sheep island
[I wonder, was this the meaning of it all
my move to the island in 2002
all the way from Rotterdam to this small island…
people thought I had gone mad
but I knew I had to do it.
Today, I really wonder
if it was maybe the power of Sheep Wool all along,
calling me to come home.
I had always thought it was the power of the sea…
but I’m not so sure anymore…maybe it was her voice
seducing my soul:

‘come to me’

in total misery I bought lots of sheep wool
and I started to do what I remembered as a very nice thing to do:
I started spinning.

And while spinning I watched that wonderful transformation:
all these fibers of the fleece turned so easily into a thread of wool
no resistance at all
she glide through my fingers
no hesitation
no struggle.
My Soul & Sheep Wool became the very best of friends

However there is sometimes a little fight:
But it’s never the Soul
it’s my Mind, nagging…
’cause he-wants-to-know-what-is-gonna-happen-with-all-this-wool around us’.
“Hush Hush”, I tell him, “don’t interfere! Trust the Wool,
she knows the Big Plan behind it all”.

And when the mind surrenders to the soul,
most wonderful installations unravel themselves during these past years.
I call them ‘intermezzo‘s’.
Like the the spin off:
Chapel of Sheep Wool in 2013

& Groos, a tribute to the ancestors in 2014

The Mind didn’t agree at all with the idea of GROOS [Texel expression for PRIDE]
’cause I used Barbie dolls as a statue for the ancestors so I could wrap them up with cotton wool. But when he saw the installation he had to admit it was a nice idea to use these dolls as a statue to built the dresses around. Main question in this installation: “Do we know where we come from and do we accept our ancestors and their habits?the little catalogue ‘GROOS’ was for sale during this exhibition

In 2015 The Chapel of Sheep Wool 2.0 appeared

also shown in the garden of Museum Kranenburgh in Bergen
with a tweet of Kees Wieringa, director of this museum till 2016

& at the Central Hall of EndeMol Shine Group in Amsterdam

and in 2016: The Tree of Life
woolen handbags hanging on birch branches as a symbol of life at the family tree.
Do we accept the black sheep as well?
with a nice comment of the formal ‘Denker des Vaderlands’ Marli Huijer.

The book [niet] ver van de boom came with the exhibition

In the summer of 2017 the intermezzo is called
Library of Sheep Wool, again shown in this beautiful old barn at Texel.

In the meantime I spin & spin.
Prepare the Wool for the Petite Cathedral d’Amour.
And what begun as a Moment of Despair
has turned into daily rituals:
For 4 years now
I keep on going selecting wool

store it





& Knit the Sheep Wool

for there’s a Cathedral to arise!
But please don’t tell the Mind!
He will not like that idea.
He will have many questions like
where are you gonna built it?
[I don’t know yet]
But most of all he will not like
the amount of work as it is.
But he has to learn to surrender himself
to the power of the Soul & Sheep Wool.
It will all work out just fine…
If only I had a barn to hang my woolen panels in….
Hush hush now Mind, don’t be a spoiler, you gotta Trust the Bigger Plan.

‘Cause after 4 years of working with Sheep Wool
I’m most definite certain that there is a plan:
I need nothing else to do but listen to this voice within
and in the years to come
I will submit to sheep wool, over & over again
for she’s my guardian angel.

I just follow her
She knows the way:
I was searching for love and understanding
I found it in wool.

Like the way she transforms herself
I can do to: I’m turning this desperate Mind of mine
into a patience one. A mind with compassion, with self-esteem.

It all began on a very dark day
but it’s getting lighter & lighter
Days of Loneliness
have turned into
Days of Solitude
where I reflect on life.

To avoid becoming a total snob
whom’s life is fan-tas-tic,
daily life provides me with lot’s a challenges
in forms of rejection and neglect
but I know now
they are my stepping stones
they are not my enemy anymore.

It began with despair
Now I’ve built a safe haven

May she be of comfort to you too
May visitors meet the Qualities of Sheep Wool
her power of Kindness & Grace
her Power to Connect.

May she be of inspiration to you as well
as she is to me:

A Cathedral of Sheep Wool:
A Monument for the Power of Tenderness in a Harsh world