20170216_113737-1#1I’m still not sure whether I make installations or theatre plays. I built a scenery and when a visitor comes in, the ‘show’ begins. But it’s everything but a show. It’s all about the wonderful qualities of Solitude & Stillness.

My installations are ‘quiet’ yet loud, for they make you wonder what it is you see. The mind starts spinning. She wants to grab, she wants to understand. She wants action & she wants to know [f.e. what technique is used…what kind of material is involved, how long did it take to knit such a chapel, did you do it all by yourself and most important: WHY?]

In a way that’s all very much blablabla to me. For the Chapel of Sheep Wool is food for the soul. The Soul doesn’t care so much for all the in & outs. She gets the point in an instant. So hush now & keep quiet you busy mind. Shut up. Be still. And listen…Listen to the Story of Quiet.
foto: Chapel of Sheep Wool shown until March 21st. 2017 on the island of Texel