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To be honest,
the making of the installation [not] fallen far from the tree
had a private starting point
but it turned out to be of universal quality:

In the winter of 2015 | 2016
I made the concept for building an installation
and called it ‘The Year of the Ancestors’.
That moment it was titled: ‘Lost Transitions’
’cause I was wondering ‘who and where are my Ancestors’.

For they were awfully quiet.
So I searched for them.
I wanted them to come near.

What is it they say? “Careful what you wish for?”

‘Cause: surprise!!
all of a sudden, two weeks ago,
I found the name of ‘the black sheep of our family’.
I started digging and digging, looking for more details.
These last few weeks I am totally into searching for documents to ‘proof’ her existence.
where she came from, where her mother came from, her father, her fathers father…
And the story unfolds.

I’m still searching
but I do understand the fact that her life was a real tough one,
wherever I look and find documents about all of them,
it turns out ‘poverty’ is the key word.
Not a family of kings and queens.
well…I knew that of course…
but from both sides,
father and mother,
it is a line of poverty.

And it is only now, I realize
that my Ancestors did speak to me.
And it was me, being very deaf, very blind.
For they spoke through my Intuition.

Intuition did the talking
and she told me
to make a tree out of birch branches and sheep wool.

My mind wanted to disobey her:
to make handbags of more fancy material
like silk and pearls and very smart patterns,
– that would look really exclusive! –
but Intuition was very persuasive and told me
the handbags should be made of plain and simple material, like sheep wool.

And there she is, half a year later:
Standing strong in that barn.

When I am with her
I feel humble.
I feel proud.
I feel gratitude
and most of all…
I feel loved.

There they are:
My Ancestors.
made of ‘simple’ material.

But you know what?
I say she is a beautiful
for she wears a quality of Quietness
And Serenity. She is Un Arbre Sacre.
The Mirror of our Soul.

This is where I come from.

I feel rich.
Very rich,
’cause there’s no loneliness up here…
I feel connected to the energy of their souls.

And when I read the comments in the guestbook
I get the feeling the visitors of the installation
have that same strong experience.

They feel like being a part of this piece of Art.
Being Part of The Tree of Life.

[so ..maybe…it is a Yggdrasil after all???]
see blog article: ‘what’s in a name’

I was moved by these words in the guestbook [see photo below]
See…the tree is not private at all.
Be welcome. You can visit the installation ’till july 3rd.2016
Open all day, from sunrise till sunset.