5 Days @ the Isle of Man meant the world to me. 
Every minute of it was amazing. So many stunning moments in nature and most of all the thrilling encounters with Peel Castle, St.Trinian’s Chapel, Cregneash and Castle Rushen. What can I say? It was magic, to be in front with the heritage of the Vikings.

It was kinda surprising how easily my woolen curtains fit in the landscape. It was as if they had hung there forever.

Thx so much to all the kind and helpful people
especially the staff of Castle Rushen and Peel Castle. They allowed me to do everything I want it to. As I said: Magic! Most of all: gratitude to the Gods of the Wind ’cause all of these days the island was almost totally without wind!

For now: all this energy, all these images are settling down in my heart and a small elixer can be experienced in the installation Books made of Sheep Wool. which opens in june 2017.
to be continued…