My work is not about politics. And yet it is time to speak up in times like this when the world is taken over by people in charge whom spread hatred. How can they do that? Look at the history of mankind. Everyone knows what’s gonna happen when we choose to rule over others. The suffering that starts to spread around as a disease when we allow ourselves to think we are better persons than the ones who think different…Don’t we get it? Dear fooks. Think whats gonna happen when we choose for intolerance & hatred. We must be stronger than the panic & anger at this moment. We must overcome our small mind and think bigger than this period only. Think ahead. Think about our children, what will happen when they live in a world where there are presidents whom want to have everything ‘normal’. What is normal? Who decides what’s to be normal? And what if your child is not ‘normal’? As in what happens when it’s a soft & kindhearted person? A gay one? A boy-girl one, what if your child is not an entrepreneur but a poet. What if it is not so much interested in technics and business? And these are the least of the problems ahead.

So what did I do to make a statement this time, right before the elections to be: The Knitted Chapel will be a symbol of Tolerance, of Love & Compassion. open on mondays and saturdays. You can step in her and see for yourself if your heart has closed down these past months, influenced by fear. Please open it again. Let people in whom think different, who live a different live.

I will be there to ask questions in my peculiar way. To make a little bit play of it: To dare you to love total strangers.

The Knitted Chapel will be shown from feb.18th. till April 17th. Welcome!