tribute portret

One of my ancestors,
my great grandmother
was a lost & black sheep.

So it’s been told.

Her name is forever forbidden
Yet you sense that the person
is the elephant in the room.

Ever since I was a child
I felt like she is haunting me,
trying to persuaded me
to tell her story,
to clear her name.

The installation in this barn
-made of birch branches & sheep wool- is a tribute to all those souls
who fall far from the tree.

But did they?

I mean,
she is running
through my veins.

Hendrikje, june  2016

[not] fallen far from the tree is a tribute to the ancestors.
Shown in an beautiful old barn in Den Hoorn, Texel till june 30rd 2016.
Open all days from sunrise till sunset
The installation is made of Birch And Willow branches, Sheep wool and Sealing Wax.