what's in a nameCome on!
make up your mind
what is it about
this new piece of ART you made?

Well…it’s about….

lost transitions
female bloodlines
lost female bloodlines

it’s about the last family tree
or the very first
the yggdrasil
the ultimate tree of being

it’s about a state of being
when you’re connected with the ancestors
with the grandmother
it’s all possible in this sphere
I tried to create
an atmosphere

maybe you can call it, all together,
the hour of the soul

…but hey…what’s in a name?

Maybe I should have named it –without title
but I quess you wanna know upfront
what is to see over there in this old barn

I don’t know
for I do not see with your eyes
and I don’t feel with your heart
I do not hear with your ears

what I do know
is that I made a tree
a family tree
a female family tree
an Yggdrasil

maybe I wanna invite you to forget about
‘the urge of The Mind to want to know’
and step into the Hour of the Soul
where there is no spectacular kaboom but only
you and a tree

All it needs is you to step into her
Come on, see for your self.

No need to be scared…
there is just a tree
and 25 handbags made out of sheep wool
and beautiful sounds
and light
and a story to read
and if you are lucky, swallows fly in and out
[they promised not to shit on my work]

I made this piece of ART
to pay my respect to the Ancestors
and the wonder of sheep wool

My tribute to life
for I am afraid we loose the ability
to tell the next generation
wonderful stories of our inner values

…to be continued…